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Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy

National Disability Institute's Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy provides disability expertise to businesses for recruitment, culture, disclosure and compliance. We deliver diversity solutions designed to minimize risk through resources, education and tools which empower employers to understand and leverage the increasingly valuable employment workforce of people with disabilities.

As pioneers in disability inclusion, employment and workplace accessibility, our strategic guidance is built on more than 75 years of collective real-life experience working with small, medium and large organizations and government agencies, contractors and subcontractors.


Services are customizable to each employer based on an evaluation of their current level of disability inclusion policies and practices regarding recruitment, disclosure and overall workplace culture for employees with disabilities and their families.


We assist businesses with the complex task of identifying talented people with disabilities through direct access to our exclusive nationwide employment networks.  We provide recruitment and employment interview training, equipping businesses and their staff to create a positive, comfortable experience when interviewing and hiring applicants with a variety of disabilities.


We facilitate communications designed to promote a disability inclusive culture that goes beyond compliance. Our customized, holistic approach guides employers through education, exposure and discussion, giving management, human resources, co-workers, stakeholders and clients the foundational skills to reduce the impact of bias, increase retention and reduce turnover.


We provide employers with end-to-end disclosure training designed to create and maintain a safe, confidential environment where employees can self-disclose without fear. Drawing from decades of personal and professional experience, we equip businesses with the resources to confidently understand and navigate the recent Section 503 mandate and best practices in promoting disclosure.


We streamline education and implementation processes of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 503 compliance requirements for small, medium and large organizations, government agencies, contractors and subcontractors. Through guided workshops, we explore how these new regulations open the door to understanding, acknowledgment and support of differing abilities. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy Team

Dr. Johnette Hartnett, Senior Strategist

Jamie Robinson, Co-Director, Training

Katie Metz, Co-Director, Training

To contact us for a Diversity and Inclusion consultation, call (202) 296-2040 or email us at info@ndi-inc.org.