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Taxes and Tax Preparation

Through National Disability Institute's Real Economic Impact Tour, National Disability Institute and its more than 900 partners in 100 cities across the country worked together to increase access to and inclusion of people with disabilities in asset development, financial education and free tax preparation programs and services resulting in more than 1.5 million Americans with disabilities receiving more than $1.4 billion in tax refunds.

As the Tour grew and the demand for National Disability Institutes expertise in this area expanded, leading to the need to more virtual outreach around this initiative to keep up with the expanded footprint. For organizations and individuals that have been part of National Disability Institutes Real Economic Impact Tour, you will find the same level of information and training youve come to expect from National Disability Institute through the tax resources in the REI Network. If you are new to National Disability Institutes tax work, welcome and thank you for your commitment to creating more inclusive tax preparation programs and services for people with disabilities.

Key tax-related resources and initiatives include: